I was born and raised in a small town in Southeast Colorado where I have always been an avid reader.  The local library was my favorite place to hang out resulting in the librarian trying to get me to switch genres because I had read all the romance novels available.  I still read as much as possible, when I’m not writing.  When I’m not reading or writing you can find me making jewelry, crafting, redecorating my house, and most importantly, spending time with my husband, two beautiful daughters, family and friends.

I have gotten so many books on my Kindle that my husband asked me one day if I thought I should start writing my own.  That’s where the writing of my romance novels started, thank you Matt! I love to read the romance series that continue the story on from the first book to the last.  That is where the idea of the Colvin Series came from.  I am a hopeless romantic and expect to see the happily ever after in each book and even the movies I watch.  

With each book, I pray that those who decide to read it are whisked away into the story and enjoy every page.  I know I enjoy writing them and hearing what everyone has to say about the characters.  Thank you for your interest in my hobby and making this happen!



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